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Looking for top-notch nail care and pampering? Well, you’re in for a treat! Discover the finest nail salons in North York with us!

How much are nail salon services in North York?

it really varies because nail salons don’t just do manicures – they offer a bunch of other services too. So, it kind of depends on which ones you’re interested in. And hey, if you’re thinking of going all out with custom designs or longer nails, just a heads up, that might add a bit extra to the bill.

Here’s a rundown of some typical nail salon services and their usual costs to give you an idea. And remember, if you’re thinking of extras, there might be some additional charges. Happy pampering!

Shellac french manicure$50
Gelish color manicure$40 (plus $5 for color removal)
Spa pedicure$45
Shellac french pedicurefrom $65
Gelish color pedicurefrom $60 (plus $5 for color removal)
Manicure and spa pedicure$65 (plus $20 to add french polish)
Nail shaping and sculpturearound $15-$25
Nail repairfrom $5 per nail
Sets and refillsaround $45-$75

1. H2 Nails & Spa

Imagine stepping into a world of beauty where your nails become a canvas for artistic expression. From the timeless elegance of artificial nails to the pampering luxury of a manicure and pedicure, this place has it all. Picture yourself indulging in the glossy allure of Shellac, the enchanting flutter of eyelash extensions, and the radiant glow of Bio Gel.

But the journey doesn’t stop there – dive into the captivating realm of dipping powder, UV gel, acrylic, chrome, and marble techniques. Your hands and feet are treated like royalty, receiving a soothing massage and a touch of indulgence with paraffin.

It’s not just a beauty treatment; it’s a magical experience that transforms you, leaving you feeling refreshed and confident. This place is more than a salon; it’s a haven of creativity and self-care, where every detail contributes to your unique story of beauty and well-being.

Address5311 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 5R4, Canada
Phone Number+14162226864
OPERATING HOURSEveryday Open: 10 AM – 8 PM
Service AreaNorth York
Number of reviews4.7 with 1,139reviews

Client Reviews

Came in for a last minute nail fix and was greeted immediately and assistance provided. Amy, the manager provided an excellent service that was quick and excellent. She catered to my discomfort which I really appreciated. The receptionist at the front desk was so helpful and provided all the information I needed to come back such as parking, their hours of operation and he also explained their specials going on. I will definitely be coming back! [Pryea Rattan]

My recent visit to H2 Nails for dip powder nails was far from satisfactory. Despite calling ahead to confirm they offered dip powder nails, the manager’s lack of knowledge about their own services was concerning. Nonetheless, I went ahead with the appointment.

Upon arrival, the manager brought me to the technician, and she proceeded to apply and file clear dip powder repeatedly for an hour.

When it came to choosing a colour, I was presented with shellac options despite reiterating my allergy. Eventually, after much back and forth, a limited selection of dip powder colours (~20) was provided.

The application process was an absolute mess. The technician’s lack of skill resulted in multiple attempts to apply the colour powder, accompanied by excessive filing. This led to a time-consuming and unsatisfactory experience, far exceeding the usual duration for such a service at other salons (everything done within 50 mins)

To add insult to injury, despite my repeated reminders about my allergy, the technician attempted to use a UV gel top coat, claiming they had no dip powder top coat. This lack of attention to my needs was unacceptable.

After nearly two hours of frustration, I was left with incomplete nails and a bill of $70. Even upon expressing my dissatisfaction to the manager, there was no apology or attempt to rectify the situation, only a suggestion to return for completion at a later date, which I declined. Not entirely sure how they would’ve fixed it, given that they don’t even have top coat to do dip powder nails.

Overall, my experience at H2 Nails was disappointing, to say the least. The lack of expertise, disregard for customer needs, and poor service quality make it impossible for me to recommend this salon to anyone else. I’m not sure why this place is so highly rated. [Serena]

I went here to get my nails done for my meaningful proposal date and they nailed it 🤍🤍🤍 . The staff is friendly and efficient. Good price. The Salon is cleaned. Joyce did my proposal nails trial and I couldn’t be happier! Very talented artist. if I don’t like some thing she would switch it for me and make sure I walk out of there happily. Thank you again for making my propose day becoming sooooooooo nice 🤍🤍 [PHUONG ANH PHAM]

2. Soho Nail & Spa

Address1396 Don Mills Rd. Unit B115, North York, ON M3B 3N1, Canada
Phone Number+16473526133
Service AreaNorth York, Ontario, Canada
Number of reviews4.7 with 163 reviews

Client Reviews

Soho is my favourite nail salon in the area. Grace is absolutely phenomenal! She takes so much pride in her work, and pays attention to detail. She takes her time and I’ve always had a great experience here. My mani and pedi always last, never once had my nails chip or break. Make sure you ask for Grace, you won’t be disappointed! [Nina]

Sunny, the nail artist, did an absolutely perfect job on my nails. Her attention to detail and careful approach were truly remarkable. She took her time and showed great patience throughout the process, ensuring that my nails looked flawless. I am genuinely impressed with her work and cannot express enough how much I appreciate her dedication. Sunny’s talent and skill are evident, and I am grateful to have experienced her exceptional service. [NilOoFar Mehraban]

I’ve come here 3 times in a row and I always call ahead of time to book an appointment. There’s always parking available. I personally think the nail technician’s do a good job and I’ve been happy with the outcome. For a gel refill and pedicure with regular polish I paid $125 with tax and tip included. Both services came with a massage which is nice since some places are hit or miss with that. Will definitely go back 😊[Ashley Vanessa]

3. Sassi Nailz | Nail salon 

Step into the enchanting world of Sassi Nailz, nestled in the heart of York, Toronto, at 789 Lawrence Ave W, North York, ON M6A 1C2. Picture this: a haven where nail artistry, precision, and pure relaxation come together to create an unforgettable experience.

At Sassi Nailz, we take joy in offering a wide array of top-notch nail services crafted to enhance your natural beauty. Whether you prefer a timeless manicure or crave the latest nail designs, our expert technicians are committed to delivering personalized attention that goes above and beyond the ordinary.

Ready to treat yourself? Simply hop onto Dash Booking to secure your spot and embark on a journey where every visit is a chance to bask in luxury, express your unique style, and savor the artistry of exquisite nail care. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Sassi Nailz experience!

Address789 Lawrence Ave W, North York, ON M6A 1C2, Canada
Phone Number+14167810114
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Saturday: 10 AM–8 PM
Service AreaNorth York, Ontario, Canada
Number of reviews4.5 with 119 reviews

Client Reviews

Been going to Sasso Nails for eight years. Always a great job. Sterile environment, friendly knowledgeable staff, and reasonable prices. I use the Dip because UV lights are bad for me and they have a huge range of colors. My manicures last four weeks and three kids. [catriona delaney]

Excellent service! Unlike most places , I liked that it didn’t have the strong chemical nailpaint smell in the air. Tracey did a great job & great attention to details. Will come again. [Sally Peter]

I got my gel nails filled here last week for my baby shower, and so far they’ve been lasting beautifully! The nail techs are very friendly and efficient, and were able to replicate what I was looking for in my inspiration photo. The prices are fair as well. Would definitely come back! [Mariya Devuyst]

4. Beer Nails Spa & Lounge

Imagine stepping into Beer Nails Spa, a haven nestled in North York, Ontario, where luxury meets your fingertips. Picture this: after your visit, you’ll walk away not just with impeccably done nails, but with a revived sense of energy and pure contentment. Whether you came in for a full treatment or just a quick polish change on your toes, rest assured, you won’t feel like you’ve emptied your pockets.

We get it, life can be demanding, and that’s why we’re here to make sure you leave feeling not just pampered, but genuinely rewarded and relaxed. Booking is a breeze – hop online with Dash Booking and open the door to a world where each visit is a chance to embrace your beauty, flaunt your unique style, and revel in the artistry of top-notch nail care. Your journey to nail nirvana awaits! 🌟

Address1270 Finch Ave W Unit 13, North York, ON M3J 3J7, Canada
Phone Number+14167369888
OPERATING HOURSEveryday Open: 10 AM – 8 PM
Service AreaNorth York, Ontario, Canada
Number of reviews4.3 with 295 reviews

Client Reviews

My wife just had the best Shellac Pedicure in this place! I will deffinitely recommend to everyone😇🤘Calling everyone to please come visit this place.

The place itself was welcoming,  so elegant and spacious😍

Hats off to the staff who did her nails today, EXCELLENT SERVICE😇🙏💖🌸😘 … [Karl Vecinal]

Honestly so dissatisfied with the service today. I went in to get my nails repaired and they told me it would be $15! to fix chipped nail polish and a missing gem? Neither was my fault but entirely theirs, this was the second time I had to come in for a nail fix, it’s only been 12 days since I got them. I paid $60 for very short nails that were already done and I just came in for a change. trying to charge me $15 for their mistake is unacceptable. I just walked out, because what’s more frustrating than being unable to express yourself/negotiate when they don’t even speak English? [Tolu O]

I recently had my nails done at beer nails and unfortunately, I am quite disappointed with the results. This is not the first time I’ve encountered issues at this salon, and I feel it’s important to share my experiences.

During my most recent visit, I noticed when I got home several issues with the shape and overall quality of my nails. The shapes were inconsistent, and some nails appeared bumpy, especially in the areas where the fill was done you can see where the fill was filled. It’s disheartening to see such a lack of attention to detail, as I believe quality should be a priority in any salon.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a less-than-satisfactory experience here. On a previous visit, I spent two hours at the salon only to end up with nails that were completely ruined. Despite giving the salon a second chance, I find myself disappointed once again.

I want to emphasize that I write this review with the intention of providing constructive feedback. I believe in giving businesses an opportunity to improve, and I hope that by sharing my experiences, others may be spared similar disappointments.

I would appreciate it if the salon could address these concerns and take steps to improve the quality of their services. It’s my hope that my feedback will contribute to a better experience for future clients. [Olivia Cunha]

5. Cute-icles Nails Studio

Address3200 Dufferin St Unit 13B, North York, ON M6A 3B2, Canada
Phone Number+16479372906
Service AreaNorth York, Ontario, Canada
Number of reviewsEveryday Open: 10 AM – 8 PM

Client Reviews

I had a great experience here with Hannah she’s amazing. She did exactly what I wanted and was very kind and patient with me. Will definitely be coming to her again. [Salma Ahmad]

Visited for the first time today, Amanda was great, she did exactly what I asked for. I will definitely keep visiting.

Update: i just went for my 3rd visit. Kim did my nails this time and she is absolutely amazing. I loved my nails and her work. This place have become my permanent nail salon[Alis Zarifoglu]

Thank you on Friday November 24, 2023 for accommodating to see me Erick’s. You are so kind and professional. Jenny is a very good technician. I showed her what I want from a picture on Pinterest for Hanukkah. I wanted simple but with the various Colors that you can have with French manicure. So you have dark blue lighter blue white and silver glitter. I definitely will come back for my fill in 3 weeks. They don’t rush are gentle and I can see why they are so busy and popular. Have a great weekend . [Blanche Klein]

6. Dazzle Nailspa

Address1101 Finch Ave W, North York, ON M3J 3L6, Canada
Phone Number+16474799553
Service AreaNorth York, Ontario, Canada
Number of reviews4.5 with 178 reviews

Client Reviews

I had an amazing experience at Dazzle Nailspa. I won a giveaway via Instagram and was very excited to try out something new. They book 2 weeks in advance but since it was my birthday this past weekend, the nail technician was kind enough to come in earlier just for my appointment. I really appreciated this gesture but please make an appointment in advance since the ladies are very busy.

The salon itself is beautiful. It has lots of natural light, clean appliances, smells fresh, nice music, has lots of different designs on display, and they are fully transparent when it comes to cost.

I went with a marble pink design with gold flecks and the nail technician did not disappoint! She only looked at the photo for a few seconds and replicated the design flawlessly! Even better than the photo actually. She showed me a few different shades of pink and I chose the one I wanted. She worked quickly and carefully. We made small talk and I appreciated that. I got many compliments at my birthday dinner!

Both ladies were very gentle with my cuticles as well. I was very well taken cared of and I won’t be hesitating to recommend this salon to my friends. Thank you! [Regina A]

Excellent spot to get your nails done! The girls are wonderful and pay attention to the small details. They’ve always been able to accommodate last minute appointments. I’m always super happy with the results! [Sophie Barriault]

Dazzle nail spa is one of the nicest nail salons I have ever been to! The staff are all extremely friendly and they will offer you water,coffee,tea etc during your appointment! Everything ran smoothly and on time and the nails I got done turned out gorgeous! Would recommend to anyone:) thank you for the wonderful service <3 [Hannah Turner]

7. N3D nails & spa

Imagine stepping into a world where nail art isn’t just a service; it’s an invitation to tranquility. For over two decades, we’ve been crafting this serene journey in the nail industry.

Now, picture this: over a hundred of our students have ventured out and established the grandest salons in Greater Ontario. It’s not just about nails; it’s about creating an oasis of calm, one stroke at a time.

Address422 Wilson Ave, North York, ON M3H 1S9, Canada
Phone Number+14163985608
OPERATING HOURSEveryday Open: 9 AM – 7 PM
Service AreaNorth York, Ontario, Canada
Number of reviews4.6 with 338 reviews

Client Reviews

This has been my go-to nail salon for awhile and I love it very much. The environment is clean and welcoming. Everyone is so kind, polite, and talented here! Hanna especially did a fantastic job with the douyin nails. 🙂 [Disha]

Amazing customer service and the nails are of excellent quality. Also, the nail artist was able to achieve the precision and accuracy of the nail form that I desired. My nail artist was a guy whose name I forgot, but you can ask Ann if you want him to do your nails. Thank you N3D Nails & Spa. [Nathasha Sambrano]

Great place to get a pedicure done! They were able to get me in without an appointment. Out of all the nail salon Ive gone to for a pedicure this place definitely gives the longest massage. I had Ann, she was amazing and also gave me great food recommendations!!! Definitely would come here again. [Bijal Patel]


Ever dreamed of pampering yourself with fabulous nails and more? We’ve got you covered! Picture this: a haven for manicures, pedicures, dazzling eyelashes, flawless waxing, acrylic and gel nails, along with amazing nail arts and designs. But wait, there’s more!

We’re not just your go-to spot for self-love; we also offer private bookings for special occasions like bridal parties, baby showers, and anniversaries.

Ready to treat yourself? Give us a ring at 416-743-1230, and let the indulgence begin! 🌟💅

Address539 Wilson Heights Blvd, North York, ON M3H 2V7, Canada
Phone Number+14167431230
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Saturday: 10 AM–7 PM
Service AreaNorth York, Ontario, Canada
Number of reviews4.7 with 236 reviews

Client Reviews

If you want a great set of nails & a good vibe, this is definitely the nail salon to visit! Jimmy, Danny & Ivan have been my nail techs for a very long time & I only trust them with my nails! They’re all very kind, professional, accommodating & always do a great job! If you’re in the area I highly suggest checking them out! As a satisfied customer for many years, Jimmy, Danny & Ivan will always have my support! [Brooklyn Val]

I’ve been coming here for a couple months. I really like the vibes, very friendly and great customer service. They have a wide range of colours and accessories and they can do almost any design you show them.

Prices are reasonable considering how much time and care they put into their work. [Behina MK]

Love love love this place! All the nail techs are super talented and friendly but Danny is the best! He Really pays attention to detail and makes sure you leave LOVING your nails. I’ve never left this place disappointed. I highly recommend this spot if you want super clean and beautiful nails every time! <3 [Sonia Vieira]

9. Excel Nails & Spa

Address3292 Keele St, North York, ON M3M 2H7, Canada
Phone Number+14166305998
OPERATING HOURSEveryday Open: 9 AM – 8 PM
Service AreaNorth York, Ontario, Canada
Number of reviews4.4 with 382 reviews

Client Reviews

amazing place! highly recommend, great customer service ask for tina [Liliana Berki]

Amazing experience at Bling through and through. My nail technician Ivan was a model of precision, detail-orientation and artistry. He replicated exactly a pictured I showed him. Super nice owners and clean, enjoyable ambiance with nice Vietnamese hit music! Would go back in a heartbeat. [Xiang Gu]

10. Daisy Nails Spa

Address3273 Dufferin St, North York, ON M6A 2T4, Canada
Phone Number+14169000625
Service AreaNorth York, Ontario, Canada
Number of reviews4.6 with 39 reviews

Client Reviews

Another outstanding experience at Daisy Nails! Kim’s kindness, and patience are always present. She attentively listens to my nail style preferences, ensuring perfection every time. Leaving without disappointment is guaranteed! Grateful for such wonderful service, thank you! [Jovanna Huerta]

I have been coming to this amazing lady for over a year now and she always does beautiful work on my nails!! Her salon is also well maintained and spotless clean. I love it everytime 🙌🏼 100% recommended. … [Marilyn P]

I have been coming to this amazing lady for over a year now and she always does beautiful work on my nails!! Her salon is also well maintained and spotless clean. I love it everytime 🙌🏼 100% recommended. … [Abigail McEyeson]

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