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1.Pet Valu

Here at Pet Haven, we truly get the importance of your furry family members, because we’re pet parents ourselves. As you wander through our stores, you’ll discover a fantastic array of pet delights – from scrumptious food and tasty treats to playful toys and stylish accessories – all competitively priced. Whether you’re in the heart of Canada or the northeastern United States, our stores are nestled within local communities.

What sets us apart? Our team of friendly Pet Enthusiasts, each equipped with insights gained from specialized training in pet care and nutrition at the University of California Davis Extension School. We take immense pride in being your go-to Pet Enthusiasts, utilizing our knowledge and experiences to guide you in discovering the perfect nutrition and other solutions tailored to your pets’ needs. Because, just like you, we believe in giving our pets the very best.

Address5200 Yonge St Unit 1, Toronto, ON M2N 5P6, Canada
Phone Number+14162228882
OPERATING HOURSEveryday Open: 9 AM – 9 PM
Service AreaNorth York
Number of reviews4.3 with 171 reviews

Client Reviews

A mini spa for your pup 🐶. The only place I take Bubba Joes for a bath. They even play spa music. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could.

– S … [Salyna Nguyen]

Highly recommend this location. Not to mention their super friendly staff, they also have self serve dog wash which are very convenient. It has enough spaces and also very neat where they provide dog treats for your pet. [Han Jessie]

This locations pet value is very nice with good customer service and good products.

I especially enjoy the self-serve bath for our three border collies. It is always clean and has lots of different kinds of shampoo for dogs by the tub.

It’s really worth trying!

Highly recommend! [Min Lee]


Welcome to PetSmart, the ultimate destination for all your pet supply and service needs! As the world’s largest retailer in this furry and feathery domain, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of over 10,000 products both in-store and online. Your delightful companions, whether they bark, purr, chirp, swim, or slither, are in for a treat.

Explore our aisles for dogs, cats, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and a variety of small animals like guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, mice, and more. The possibilities are as endless as your pet’s happiness! And guess what? Shopping just got more convenient. Order online, and within two hours, you can pick up your pet treasures at your local PetSmart.

But we’re not just about products; we’re about experiences too. Some of our select locations offer services like dog training, pet grooming, pet boarding, the lively PetSmart Doggie Day Camp, and even opportunities for adoption. Because here at PetSmart, we believe in making every tail wag and every purr harmonious. Your pets deserve nothing but the best, and we’re here to make that happen.

Address5095 Yonge St A3, North York, ON M2N 6Z4, Canada
Phone Number+14162239103
OPERATING HOURSEveryday Open: 9 AM – 8 PM
Service AreaNorth York
Number of reviews4.4 with 1.2k reviews

Client Reviews

The young man working in the fish department needs to chill. He is trying to act like a big shot, yet he couldn’t tell the difference between a male and female platy. The reason I went, was to buy an algae eater because mine died after 8 years. He wouldn’t sell me one because it would kill my other fish. WHAT?! [Cheryl Zimmer]

Good selection and good prices. However, one must really carefully watch the prices that sale items ring up as. In my experience they almost never come up as correct – coming up as the non-sale price. Even when the promotion is for a month or more the price is never corrected. This means you pay more if you don’t watch and if you do watch you spend more time as you wait for the clerks to verify the price is correct and to figure out how to correct the bill. [Todd Tyrtle]

I always get my good girl a bone from pet smart. A cow femur that’s the size of her was the latest purchase and needless to say she loved it. [Peter Ehmann]

3,Global Pet Foods

Address2019 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 2A2, Canada
Phone Number+14164876267
OPERATING HOURSEveryday Open: 9:30 AM – 7 PM
Service AreaNorth York
Number of reviews4.5 with 238 reviews

Client Reviews

The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. Always giving great recommendations for my sweet Mango boy. 🐶 … [Malcolm J. Cardoza]

Your response is not the truth and you know it. Playful puppy????  The dog was rambunctious not playful.  No one saw the dog jump me???  You did and it seems your manager did as he was familiar with the situation when I called later that day.  As I stated, you have little regard for customer comfort or safety. This is not a response of a conscientious owner.

While in the store recently a strong medium sized dog jumped me from behind while I was looking for an item near the store entrance. The owner who had  difficulty controlling her dog….even when leashed. . could see I was uncomfortable around her dog.  I moved away from them and the dog jumped me.  The store owner saw this.  I advised her I have a back problem (and clearly I was upset).   Her only response was a very cold stare…. she said nothing.!   This is a small store and it was busy at the time.   There is very little room to move around, particularly at the front.   As a senior and after advising the owner of my situation, I expected a civilized, reasonable response, not a cold stare.  I later suggested perhaps medium or large dogs should not be in the store when it is busy as space is so minimal and merchandise jams the aisles.  Her response to this was negative.   This owner appears to have little regard for customer comfort and safety. [Barbara Willis]

In response to your comment— I’ve only lived here now 6months.

After coming here to your review section I’m not surprised by your response. One sided always.

I’ve already found a new pet store with much better customer service. I stand by everything I said.

Completely disappointed with the manager here.

I purchased raw food recommended by one of your employees the day before. She specifically said let us know if your dogs like the food and turns out my dogs did not like it, so I went out of my way to call the next morning so I didn’t walk the 15 min there and back for no reason.

I explained this to the manager he said we will take it back. Great, head over just for him in person to now say we will not take back raw food. I said why didn’t you tell me that on the phone..  he said you didn’t ask. I said .. you should have asked me if it was raw or not. You’re the manager you know the return/exchange policy. Which is why I called first.

You were quite rude in the store, you would not even let me just exchange it for something even though you made the mistake and you told me basically, to leave and to write a review so here you go.

You lost a good customer for many many years over $17.99 terrible customer service. [April Ann]

4,Ren’s Pets

Meet Ren’s Pets, the go-to destination for all your pet needs! As a top-tier Canadian specialty retailer, Ren’s boasts a network of 57 stores (and counting!) across Ontario and the Maritimes, coupled with a stellar ecommerce site that ships nationwide. Back in 1975, this pet haven was born and has its roots firmly planted in Guelph, Ontario. Fast forward to August 2021, when the Legault Group welcomed Ren’s Pets into its family.

Discover the largest array of pet supplies, from nourishing food to tempting treats and engaging toys, all dedicated to ensuring your furry friend lives their Pet’s Best Life. Ren’s Pets takes the lead in providing top-notch professional grooming supplies, making it an industry trailblazer.

But that’s not all – the Ren’s Promise guarantees that their savvy staff will guide you to the perfect food for your pet. Plus, the Ren’s Reward program adds an extra layer of joy, allowing you to earn free food and redeem points seamlessly, whether online or at your favorite Ren’s store. Because at Ren’s Pets, it’s not just about products; it’s about creating a tail-wagging experience for both you and your beloved companion.

Address8 Lebovic Ave Unit C1, Scarborough, ON M1L 4V9, Canada
Phone Number+14162881060
OPERATING HOURSEveryday Open:7 AM – 8 PM
Service AreaNorth York
Number of reviews4.2 with 621 reviews

Client Reviews

Went to return an item within a few days.  Despite doing the transaction with a male employee, a woman next to us consistently and rudely interrupted our conversation to bark questions as to when I bought it and if SHE felt it was worthy of return.  There was no clear identification of the store policy, and she acted as if I was not there, did not acknowledge me at all, and ended up saying in the most disrespectful, rude and haughty tone, “If it’s under a week FINE, but if it’s more than that I’m not doing it!”  Nobody asked her in the first place.  The person serving me was doing just fine.  She butted into our transaction loudly pounding him with questions my answers of which she ignored.

She was identified to me as the manager by the employee who was serving me.  Complete opposite of the professionalism and kind customer service of the person who was serving me.  Complete lack of regard for customers and she really appeared to hate being there. [Beth]

Super helpful and knowledgable staff. One of my dogs has serious allergy issues, and they were able to recommend food based on her breed and dietary needs. The food has been a hit with my girl! [Christen N. James]

I love the variety of rabbit and small pet supplies they have. Not a lot of pet stores have a wide selection of rabbit stuff like they do! [Cess Yu]

5.Marta’s Pet & Aquaria

Address2149 Weston Rd, York, ON M9N 1X8, Canada
Phone Number+14162422619
OPERATING HOURSSaturday and Monday: 11 am – 6 pm
Service AreaNorth York
Number of reviews4.2 with 418 reviews

Client Reviews

Went to buy a budgie for a little girl we know. Lots of beautiful birds but the vibe is so weird. You’re not allowed to take pictures? We wanted her to choose her bird via photos so we went somewhere else.

Despite other reviews, the lady was nice. It’s my dream to organize and rearrange this store so the birds are in the front window instead of a dark corner you’re not even allowed to go in.[Laura Dawe]

Got a baby pineapple conure two months ago. Best decision ever. She’s so sweet and friendly. The lady at the shop was very helpful and kind. Great experience. Will be back again sometime in the future 🙂 [Mani Misra]

I went here to check it out looking looking for some pet supplies. As soon as I entered the store the owner started recording me on her phone for no reason. I felt very uncomfortable and asked why are you recording me and she did not response and kept following me and recording me. I didnt even get to walk 2 feet inside the store and she started recording me. I did not like this behaviour as it felt very sketchy so I left. When I got into my car she came up and started recording my car and license plate. I do not think this how you should treat your customers especially new comers to your store. This is very unprofessional for a business to operate like this. I am a visible minority and I felt this lady racially profiled me. Its very unfortunate because I was looking to purchase some food for my pets to support this small business. PLEASE DO NOT COME HERE [Dragonite]

6.PP Pet North York

Address4750 Yonge St #161, North York, ON M2N 0J6, Canada
Phone Number+14375995119
OPERATING HOURSTuesday to Friday: 12 AM – 8 PMSaturday and Monday: 1 am – 7 pm
Service AreaNorth York
Number of reviews5.0 with 5 reviews

Client Reviews

Good store! 5/5🐶 …  [Montmorency]

Nice convenient pet shop [Shela Queen “Shela猫狗双全”]

7.Urban Nature Store

Address900 Don Mills Rd. Unit 3A, North York, ON M3C 1V6, Canada
Phone Number+14166462439
OPERATING HOURSEveryday Open: 10 AM – 6 PM
Service AreaNorth York
Number of reviews4.7 with 164 reviews

Client Reviews

Fantastic store for any bird fanatics!!Awesome variety of good quality bird seed ,books on birds ,bird baths,bird houses, bird feeders you name it, even bird socks .Its a must and reasonable prices ! Remember you pay for what you get !! Highly recommend it !! 👍7 … [Lisa Hall]

Wow this place is just great. The gentleman at the service desk was very kind and friendly, willing to answer all your questions. This store has such a good selection, wonderful prices, and it’s a beautiful store. There is an upper level with additional stock as well! The bird earrings are fantastic.

Have a good vacation on the east coast sir 🙂 [Jill Marie]

Great bird and nature store!  Lots of different seed types, and sizes.  Service is unbeatable, which I would expect at a nature store.  Rating a 6 if I could!

Located on the north side of the mall, just near the beer store.

The quality of merchandise offered is second time none.  I build my own bird feeders, and am impressed with the number and quality of the feeders offers here.

I picked up peanuts for our resident picky Blue Jays.  Nice to see 50 lb bags, a lot of places offer the smaller bags at higher prices.

There are also a lot of books and other associated paraphernalia to birding.

If you need something for your featherd friends, the Urban Nature Store has it! [kenny l]

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